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For the past 40 years we have produced and introduced to the international market a wide range of universal lathes with diameters of processing up to Ø 1410mm and lengths up to 10m in continuous process of development and improvement.

Universal lathes are designed for processing parts with rotationally symmetric external and internal surfaces. The machines’ functionalities and features/capabilities are so many that it would be a real pleasure for experienced and qualified operators to work with them. The additional accessories and equipment that we offer provide an even easier and more precise processing of a certain machine part.

It is a well-known fact that in terms of single-piece and small-batch production lathes are the machines that are most widely used. They are essential and irreplaceable in carrying out any repairs, and are therefore included in all workshops for agricultural machinery, automobiles, enterprises covering all fields, oil and gas industries, laboratories, prototype production, ships, mobile repair shops, and others. Lathes are also actively used in professional schools, since the training is obligatory – starting from the lathe cutting tool geometry up to the last global modifications, as well as a detailed study of the computer numerical control embedded system.

The machine’s construction and design comply with the current requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. Technology of production, the adaption of high-quality materials and standardized components from reputable and worldwide proven manufacturers, and the monitoring which is constantly exercised, satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements. They are characterized by high technological, functional, and operating performance, reliability and security. Moreover, they are executed to meet and keep with the international safety standards.

Everything up to here forms the advantages of our machines: the wide variety of models and modifications, ergonomics control, a huge number of processing options, multiple accessories and equipment, delivery in the shortest time, security and comfort in the supply of spare parts, the best combination of price and quality.

THE ADVANTAGES of our universal lathes:


Heavy, highly ribbed, and rigid bed casting made of strong gray cast-iron which prevents any vibrations when the machine is properly leveled and operated.

Double prismatic, induction hardened and precisely grinded guide ways

Built-in gap bridge which might be removed for processing large work pieces.


The stable, properly ribbed and precisely processed headstock casting provides a non-vibrating and accurate operation while lathe process parts in high speed or during heavy duty machining regime.

The grinded gears are made of induction hardenedcase-hardening steel and they are working in an oil bath.

The spindle is hardened, precisely grinded and balanced; it has a standard version of the hole and the spindle face, including Cam lock performance, direct mounting of 3-jaw self-centered, 4-jaw independent chucks, face plates without jaws or fastening of the chucks with flange connector.

The spindle bearings may use bearings from SKF, FAG, NSK with bearing set assembling preload. This bearing provides high accuracy of the machine’s work for an indefinite period of time.


Mechanized transverse and longitudinal movements.
A built-in safety mechanism against overloading.
A locking device against simultaneous switching of the nut to the lead screw and automatic feeding.
Quick moves in both axes.


When processing a certain part, the feed gearbox provides various feedings and steps for threading – metric, inch, module, and DP threads. It is designed in such a way that its control is primarily convenient.

CU400M CU500M CU580M 169 Kb 

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CAPACITY Height of centers mm 290
  Swing over bed mm 580
  Swing over cross slide mm 380
  Swing in gap  mm 780
  Width of bed mm 400
  Distance between centers mm 1000; 1500; 2000; 3000; 4000; 5000
SPINDLE Spindle nose DIN 55027 No 8
  Spindle bore mm 72
  Spindle taper Metric 80
HEAD STOCK Number of spindle speeds   21
  Spindle speed ranges  rpm 20 – 2000
  Main motor power kw 7,5 ( 11 )
FEEDS Number of feeds   120
  Longitudinal feed range mm/rev 0,04 – 12
  Cross feed range mm/rev 0,02 – 6
THREADS Number of threads   64
  Metric thread range mm 0,5 – 120
  Inch thread range Tpi 60 – ¼
  Module thread range Module 0,125 – 30
  DP thread range DP 240 – 1
CARRIAGE Cross slide travel mm 315
  Top slide travel mm 130
TAIL STOCK Quill diameter mm 90
  Quill taper Morse No.5
  Quill travel mm 230
WEIGHT For DBC 2000 mm kg 3010




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